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Never under estimate the power of paint to transform! I have always known that and when moving back into my family home paint was never far from reach. In fact the entire week before moving in Peter and I painted. We painted with stain and smell blocking primer, twice (50+ years of smokers in the home required it) we painted walls, ceilings, mouldings, doors, floors, you name it nothing was safe from our paint brushes. However, by the end of those 7 days I never wanted to see or hold a paint brush again. Only problem was we weren’t done.

It wasn’t until a month ago that I finally tackled the last job, the inside of our kitchen cabinets. Now remember this is an old cottage, built in the 40’s, with it’s original cabinets (aka plywood boxes). When we were in the midst of our painting frenzy we did get a coat of primer on them which helped with the smell but it only made them look worse. So now I was going to finally fix that, nearly 4 years later.

So what color should they be I wondered. I mean no one, or hardly anyone, will actually see the inside of the cabinets, so did it really matter? Yes to me it did. I would be looking at the inside each and every day so I wanted something that I would love.  So my inspiration came from a spice jar lid from Anthropology. With the jar lid in hand off to Home Depot I went. Only one problem, the lid was too small and not flat enough to put in their color matching machine. So on a busy Saturday morning the paint department attendant hand matched the paint to the jar lid! This again fostered the LOVE side of my love hate relationship with Home Depot.

The color was perfect! While Peter was gone on a business trip I painted and painted and painted! Who knew that even with a coat of primer the cabinets would still take 3 coats to cover.

The results? Amazing!! I love my cabinets. They look and feel clean, they brighten up what use to be dark black holes in my walls that dishes and spices would get lost in. They are great, and again I learned the power of a coat of paint (or two or three)!

I want to know what your greatest transformation with paint has been!

Happy Painting!







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I have a love hate relationship with places like Home Depot and my local Ace Hardware store. Usually when I need to go there it is because something is broken or I need something to finish a job and not usually for fun things. Well that was all different last week.

Last weekend, Peter and I had some time to spare while waiting for Costco to open so we dropped into our local Home Depot store. Mind you I am kind of a hardware store geek but that doesn’t change my love hate relationship with the store. As we were walking through the garden section there they were. Piled high in a rainbow of colors and ON SALE! As I mentioned in an earlier blog my tiny yard has been home to multiple tractors, bulldozers and the like since last summer. The result of one of those jobs was a new terraced area, needed to control the erosion of our bank, that looks over the water. So far this area has been keeping my mind occupied on how to fill up this large space without compromising the view, but not just looking at dirt. These chairs, that were just waiting for me at Home Depot, have started my creative gardening juices going and now I am excited to tackle what I once thought as too overwhelming of a project to even start.

Yesterday after several hours out in the yard, and with my back turned away from the dirt behind me, I was able to try out my new score! They will be perfect in the coming months and I look forward to being able to sit out there without mittens, hats and a sweatshirt!

Come on SPRING!