Thoughts From The Beach

What I have learned about life, living at the beach.

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It has been months since I have carved out the time to post. My how time flies! This post has me enjoying one of my favorite seasons. The cool crisp days of fall! But this year it does leave me wondering where the summer went. Maybe that is because this summer was all about simplicity. No major events, projects or deadlines to punctuate the long lazy days of summer!

For me this was a welcome change from my previous summers since moving to the beach. There were no pieces of BIG heavy machinery in my yard, no holes that could swallow a small house or repairs that needed to be done to make the house livable. It was a summer of reflection, remembering and enjoying the simple things the beach has to offer!

The best part of this summer was getting my fishing license! I use to fish off our bulkhead with my father for hours when I was a kid and then later as an adult to be able to have some alone time with him. Some days fish would be caught and others…… There was that day that I actually “caught” a rock. Reeled it in and everything. I never did claim to be the best fisherman in the family! This summer brought back all those memories. The quietness, the focus and yes even the thrill when something was on your line. 

This summer really reminded me why I love this old, creaky, in need of a major facelift of a shack. It is because of the simplicity it brings to my life.