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What I have learned about life, living at the beach.

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I have a love hate relationship with places like Home Depot and my local Ace Hardware store. Usually when I need to go there it is because something is broken or I need something to finish a job and not usually for fun things. Well that was all different last week.

Last weekend, Peter and I had some time to spare while waiting for Costco to open so we dropped into our local Home Depot store. Mind you I am kind of a hardware store geek but that doesn’t change my love hate relationship with the store. As we were walking through the garden section there they were. Piled high in a rainbow of colors and ON SALE! As I mentioned in an earlier blog my tiny yard has been home to multiple tractors, bulldozers and the like since last summer. The result of one of those jobs was a new terraced area, needed to control the erosion of our bank, that looks over the water. So far this area has been keeping my mind occupied on how to fill up this large space without compromising the view, but not just looking at dirt. These chairs, that were just waiting for me at Home Depot, have started my creative gardening juices going and now I am excited to tackle what I once thought as too overwhelming of a project to even start.

Yesterday after several hours out in the yard, and with my back turned away from the dirt behind me, I was able to try out my new score! They will be perfect in the coming months and I look forward to being able to sit out there without mittens, hats and a sweatshirt!

Come on SPRING!


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As I sit looking at the gloomy sky on this first day of March I am dreaming of spring and all that it means to me. I love spring. I love how new life is literally bursting out all over! But the main reason I love spring is because I love to garden, and the last year or two I haven’t had much opportunity to.

Last year I started with high hopes of creating a productive vegetable garden and luscious cutting garden, but my dreams were squashed with the earth shattering sounds of bulldozers in my tiny yard. They could only mean one thing…….time to replace the septic. So my spring and summer went by with an air of frustration as I looked longingly at the torn up garden and dirt mounds that were my reality.

THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT! No bulldozers (fingers crossed as there was another one in the yard in December helping to stabilize the bank), no dirt mounds, just digging in well tilled soil that I have been painstakingly trying to create. Creating beauty and function in a yard that has been neglected for so many years.

This photo is an inspiration to me. Hydrangeas are favorites of mine and this is one from my yard that survived the dozer (as my kids at work would say) and bloomed all spring, summer and fall. It will keep me going until I can really get out in the yard and dig in!

Come on spring I am waiting!

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A little about my journey!

I consider myself a very steady soul but when, at 50, I was going to completely change every aspect of my life I jumped in with two feet.
For many years I had been taking care of aging and ill parents while working full time as manager of a very busy physical rehabilitation program at a children’s hospital. During this time I reconnected with a friend that I had known since I was 15. He was in the midst of a divorce and I had always been single. We connected on a level that we had never done before.
Needless to say after a while we knew that we needed to be together. So I sold my house, left my job with the hospital (for which I had worked for for over 25 years) and moved to what we lovingly call “The Shack”, and that is when my adventure began.
This blog is about the things that are most important in my life. The man I share my life with, the adventures of bringing an aging (and not gracefully) cottage back to life and what I have learned along the way.
I hope that you enjoy and maybe find an idea or two for your own life.