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What I have learned about life, living at the beach.

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As I sit looking at the gloomy sky on this first day of March I am dreaming of spring and all that it means to me. I love spring. I love how new life is literally bursting out all over! But the main reason I love spring is because I love to garden, and the last year or two I haven’t had much opportunity to.

Last year I started with high hopes of creating a productive vegetable garden and luscious cutting garden, but my dreams were squashed with the earth shattering sounds of bulldozers in my tiny yard. They could only mean one thing…….time to replace the septic. So my spring and summer went by with an air of frustration as I looked longingly at the torn up garden and dirt mounds that were my reality.

THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT! No bulldozers (fingers crossed as there was another one in the yard in December helping to stabilize the bank), no dirt mounds, just digging in well tilled soil that I have been painstakingly trying to create. Creating beauty and function in a yard that has been neglected for so many years.

This photo is an inspiration to me. Hydrangeas are favorites of mine and this is one from my yard that survived the dozer (as my kids at work would say) and bloomed all spring, summer and fall. It will keep me going until I can really get out in the yard and dig in!

Come on spring I am waiting!


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